Thursday, March 25, 2010

List: The Church’s Most Controversial Doctrines
If it is true that the two things you do not talk about in polite society are politics and religion then this list explains why.

Below is a list of the most controversial doctrines in the church today which can be resolved with a Pauline pattern built on the foundation of Christ.

1.Baptism – The most divisive
2.Lord’s Supper – The most Roman Catholic
3.Prayer – The most confusing
4.Christmass, Hallowmass, and other Holy Days – The most practiced by the world
5.Tongues – The most feigned
6.Faith and Works – The most scripturally supported (and the most condemning)
7.Great Commission – The most blindly accepted
8.Miracles and God’s Intervention – The most superstitious
9.Tithing – The most fraudulent
10.Sabbath – The most traditional
11.God’s Will – The most elusive
12.Bible Versions – The most misunderstood
13.Family Roles – The most politically incorrect
14.Paul’s Apostleship – The most ignored

Editor’s note:
Ecumenical religion teaches us to avoid doctrinal disputation in order to keep the peace. Yet, the Bible says peace is only achieved when sound doctrine is unanimous. We cannot ignore the controversies which exist when we have the cure in the Lord’s instruction to rightly divide.

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