Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are your fence post in a straight line?

A few years ago my Dad gave me some great advice.  He said "while studying the Bible all the fence posts have to line up so that when you look straight down the line all you see is one post.  If you see more than one post something is wrong."  I started to study with this thought in mind and I had fence post all over the place.  I studied and studied to get all these post in a straight line.  I couldn't do it.  My first fence post that was out of line was the baptism post.  Paul says he came not to baptize.  The book of Mark chapter 15 says you have to be baptized.  These are opposites and can't be the same fence post and will not line up.  James 2 says there has to be works with faith and Romans 4 says our works gain us nothing that it is by faith only.  Again two fence posts that will not line up.  We can do this over and over again and find fence posts that can never line up.  So whats the answer?  There is more than one fence in the Bible.  Israel has a fence and the Body of Christ has a fence.  Most of the Bible is written about Israel's fence.  We can learn a lot about how God is dealing with mankind by studying Israel's fence.  God used our apostle Paul to show us how the Body of Christ's fence lined up.  It is not an addition to Israel's fence, it is a different fence.   Israel's fence lines up perfectly for Israel of times past and ages to come.  But now God is dealing with the Body of Christ's fence which also lines up perfectly.  We as members of the Body of Christ find our post setting in the books Romans through Philemon.  We can't make these two fence one or we get a barbed wire mess.

Grace and Peace


Kathy said...

Great "fence post" Bro.! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though I have stumbled across another Workman That Needeth not to be Ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. All of Gods Word is for us, however it is not all directed to us who are the Body of Christ.