Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thursday Bible Study

Let's start studying Galations.... 

6 Chapters verse by verse, we should be done by Christmas.  LOL

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Dean Hewitt said...

Thanks for the add...I am curious as to how you found my blogspot??? I did a search and found only 1 other Mid Acts Dispensational Pauline right divider on Blogger...and couldn't even find myself (LOL) I don't know if you are aware of what the SBC and the Acts 29 Ministries are up to or not, but they are active in doing church plants all over the USA and that is what got me going to blogger. Do a Googles search for "church plants" in your area and you may be as shocked as I was. I found several in my area and they all have blogspots, so I started going to them leaving comments to their posts, hence, I have had over 300 hits from non dispensational folks in an attempt to make them see what is the fellowship of the mystery . Anyway, thanks for the add once again....Grace and Peace